OIE Reference Laboratory for Swine Influenza

Ultimo aggiornamento: 23 Gennaio 2023

WOAH Reference Laboratory for Swine Influenza

  • Year of designation 2012,
  • Designated reference Expert: Dr. Chiara Chiapponi, Biologist Manager at Laboratory of Parma
    Address: Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Lombardia e dell’Emilia Romagna “Bruno Ubertini” (IZSLER) Via Bianchi 7/9, 25124 Brescia (Italy)
    Tel +39 0521 293733- Fax +39 0521 293538
    Email: chiara.chiapponi@izsler.it
  • IZSLER is a Public Institute offering services for animal health and food safety, in particular diagnosis and research on transmissible and diffusive animal diseases and zoonoses.
    IZSLER has a long tradition of research and epidemiological studies on swine influenza virus (IAV-S) since 1979 and it acts as OIE Reference Laboratory for Swine Influenza since 2012.[link]
  • The activities carried out by the staff (Dr. Chiara Chiapponi, Dr. Andrea Luppi, Dr. Laura Baioni, Mrs. Roberta Manfredi and some technicians and collaborators) include: production and distribution of reagents, development of diagnostic methods, research projects, education and training, consulting and supporting public and private stakeholders.
    Contacts: chiara.chiapponi@izsler.it,  andrea.luppi@izsler.it