Animal health care

Izsler has always invested considerable resources in the sector of ANIMAL HEALTH through a Diagnostic Service of diseases that is carried out on a wide range within the sectors of greatest zootechnical interest (cattle, pig, burrow, fish, bee-keeping and farmed game) ) and of the species of affection (dogs, cats, reptiles, wild animals, exotic birds etc.) and is realized with performances that are not limited only to laboratory analysis, but which also include interventions in breeding, in some cases organized in real and own company assistance programs.

The activity is articulated in numerous disciplines through the commitment of many laboratories of the Institute: anatomo-pathological, bacteriological, virological, parasitological, serological, entomological and biomolecular diagnostics.

Izsler’s commitment is also devoted to protecting public health through its commitment to diagnosing zoonoses (diseases transmissible from animals to humans)